Up-to-date Technologies in the Industry of Pornography

Modern technologies, the sex industry, and porn business have been coexisting for several dozens of years pushing each other to progress and evolvement.

For instance, the high interest in online porn led to the acceleration of the wired Internet connection as well as 3G development.

Today, no one will be surprised with remotely controlled sex toys. And the industry keeps trying and introducing cutting-edge technological achievements.

Technological Innovations in Pornography

1. 3D movies for adults: the first one was shot in China in 2011. Since that time 3D films have become so much popular that no one would be astonished by a 3D adult film.

2. Augmented reality (AR) technology: as soon as AR goggles became available, new applications for virtual sex have been worked out and the first porn episodes were filmed due to this technology. The shooting is carried out from the first-person perspective.

3. Virtual reality (VR): it deserves to be listed separately as VR has drastically altered the world of porn. With the development of VR headsets (like Oculus Rift, for example), a completely new adventure is now available for customers of the porn industry. With VR porn, the viewer is submerged into the world created with the help of a headset and a laptop or cellphone.

4. Development of groundbreaking tools which are used in combination with the VR episode, like Tenga which is compatible with Oculus Rift. This is a special device which may bring physical satisfaction to a man watching a VR episode. Depending on the actions and progressions in the film, Tenga is making the moves upwards and downwards as well as contracts inside.

Another example is Twerking Butt. Its functions and moves are coordinated with the action in VR film, while the butt itself has a visual representation.

5. Upgraded sex tools with unexpectedly small dimensions, or new methods of bringing satisfaction. In addition, now they can be operated with a smartphone app, the range of functions has been diversified as well.

6. Using drone aircraft for shooting. Ghost + Cow Films was the first one to shoot a porn episode applying drone. The episode was short and details cannot be seen, though this is only the first step in the direction. Soon we will witness if drones change the industry of pornography.

Presently, pornography has been used as the tool in other fields. It is not about pleasure and satisfaction, as people tend to think. Porn has been used in medicine as well as in psychiatric treatment. Recently, big enterprises have even started their promotions in cooperation with the porn industry (for example, a Diesel campaign at PornHub).

Not long ago, analysts previsioned decay of the porn industry as the free access to the online content for adults reduced the profits of the industry. Yet, due to the application of technological know-how, we are looking forward to witnessing a boost in fame as well as the profitability of the pornography industry.

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